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2017 Annual Enrollment

2017 annual enrollment begins October 1 and ends November 15. Annual enrollment is your opportunity to evaluate your health care needs and select the plan best suited to you and your eligible covered dependents. If you would like to remain in your current OGB health plan with the same covered dependents for the 2017 plan year, you do not need to do anything except to update your HSA or FSA contributions as applicable. Your current coverage will continue for the 2017 plan year. Remember, members enrolled in the Pelican HSA775 and/or FSA options will need to update their contributions for 2017.

Step 1: Learn More About Our Plans

Decision Guide for ALL Members

Our Enrollment Guide for Plan Year 2017 can help all members better understand their 2017 enrollment options.

You can also view the Benefits Comparison Sheets.

Blue Cross Blue Shield 2017 Health Plan Offerings

Interested in a Pelican or Magnolia plan? Read more about what's covered in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for each plan or in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield's Annual Enrollment Guide.


Interested in the Vantage Medical Home HMO plan? Read more about what Vantage has to offer in the Vantage Health Plan Annual Enrollment Booklet or review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.
Vantage Medical Home HMO 2017

Step 2: Connect with OGB

Meetings & Video Presentations

Attend an in-person meeting for more information on your 2017 benefits options.    View the complete schedule.

Can't make it to a meeting?
Watch a recording that outlines your 2017 options.

Call Us

The customer service line is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call us now at 1-800-272-8451.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

Enrollment is open from October 1st through November 15th. If you are ready to make your plan selection, have your current health insurance card ready and continue below:

Enroll Now!

Retirees may also use the paper enrollment form to enroll.
Non-Medicare Retiree | Medicare Retiree

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